Boss Pinched, Twisted Staff's Nipples As Punishment

Jeremy Pratt is being sued by a former employee who has accused the Texas-based car salesman of inappropriately punishing staff.

We're not talking suspensions, or getting sent home without pay.

No.  Pratt has been accused of establishing a "sales-bro" culture in which childish means of horseplay were implemented as corrective measures.

One such mean was grabbing subordinate males' nipples and aggressively twisting them, causing intense discomfort. 

If that sounds a bit familiar, it might be because this move is more popularly known by the crass, adolescent term "titty twister."

And as if we needed to cross that threshold into full-blown disgusting, one of Pratt's other methods was to enter a coworker's office, close and block the door, and then pass gas, forcing his victims to inhale the smell.

The plaintiff's statement gave fuller details of the behavior:

"He reinforced dominance over his subordinates by regularly entering their enclosed offices, intentionally passing gas and then laughing as they were forced to breathe soiled air." 

The latest reports also make mention that Pratt would slander those he didn't approve of at the office, including sending out group texts to the company insinuating the plaintiff was a registered sex offender.

Read more at the Star-Telegram.

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