Illegal Immigrant Children Housed in Comfy Dormitories, Not Cages

You might have seen this image last week of two illegal immigrant children sleeping in a cage. The picture, which was taken in 2014 under President Obama, quickly sparked outrage from activists who blamed President Trump for the conditions assuming the picture was recently photographed. 

The dark and scary cells like the one in the picture were primarily used in a different time when immigrants jumping the border were usually adults and were only held for a few hours while being processed. 

The picture is accurate in the sense that it is a real depiction of where immigrant children are held when they are caught by agents when trying to come into the U.S. but it is only a temporary  holding spot until they are transferred. Where are they transferred to you may ask? Comfy dormitories with coloring books, an extensive cable system where they can watch TV, and a new soccer field they can play on, conditions far from what people originally assumed.   

The children also get healthcare and calls back home once a week. There's even field trips to go bowling or to visit museums and amusement parks. The children get three meals a day and snacks because according to federal rules they must be fed "until they are full".

All of these things aimed at making the children feel comfortable in their new situation are paid for by taxpayers. 

The dorms are mainly reserved for immigrant children traveling alone or who were separated from their families. The Health and Human Services Department say the yoga classes and crafts for the children are implemented to help facilitate an easy transition into the U.S.

Photo: Getty Images

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