Homeless Stabbing Suspect Says Government Is Controlling His Mind

(Todd William Schneider- Multnomah County Jail)

Todd William Schneider, 25, was accused of stabbing a Portland man 17 times after the resident told Schneider, who is homeless, not to camp near his house. The resident, Kasey S. Lebechuck, 65, was stabbed in the forehead between the eyes as well as the neck, arms, torso, and received a punctured lung. Lebechuck is currently in fair condition at a Portland hospital. 

However, Schneider is not in good condition as he rightfully faces at least 7 years in prison if convicted for first-degree assault, attempted murder, and unlawful use of a weapon. 

Attorney Kathleen Dunn is worried that he might say something in court that could damage his case because of his recent irrational behavior and signs of paranoia. 

According to Schneider, he doesn't want his own lawyer because he doesn't trust the government and public defenders are paid with government money. He told the Oregonian about his governmental distrust.

“The government is controlling my mind via remote ...monitoring technology," Schneider said. "They are controlling my sleep patterns and my mood illegally without my consent ...for the entirety of my life.”

Schneider was assigned a defense attorney anyway and will remain in jail with a bail of $505,000 until a conviction is settled. 

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