Amen, Alexa!!!

The Church of England has decided to harness the power of Amazon Alexa.

The Church has created and released its own Alexa skill that allows users to ask all sorts of questions about the Church of England and the Christian faith.

Want to try it out?

All you have to say is, “Alexa, open the Church of England.”

Then, proceed to ask your question.

According to the Church of England's website, you can ask Alexa:

  • For today's prayer
  • To read me the Lord's Prayer
  • To read me the Beatitudes
  • For the Ten Commandments
  • To read me the Apostle's Creed
  • For my nearest church
  • To find churches near ...(town)
  • For a prayer for morning
  • For a grace before meals
  • For an evening prayer
  • To read a night prayer
  • About christenings
  • About church weddings
  • About Church of England funerals
  • How to pray
  • Who God is?
  • Who Jesus Christ is
  • About the Holy Spirit
  • What a Christian is
  • How to become a Christian
  • About the Bible
  • What faith is?
  • About the Church of England
  • What Holy Communion is
  • What Christians believe
  • What it means to believe in God
  • Who the Archbishop of Canterbury is
  • Who the Archbishop of York is

My guess is that this list will probably soon get even longer.

If you don't have an Amazon Alexa, don't worry, the Church plans on releasing similar apps for Google Home and Apple’s HomePod soon.

Read the full story at New York Post

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