A Plethora of Puppies!

Airports are usually a chaotic affair and because of that, it usually puts you in a stressed out mood.

But it was all smiles at one terminal at Tampa International Airport on Friday, all because of a 2-year-old golden retriever named Eleanor Rigby.

Eleanor, 'Ellie' for short, and Nugget are service dogs.  They were waiting with their owners for their flight back home to Philadelphia, when suddenly, it became very clear they were going to miss their flight.

Ellie was pregnant and her owner said she thought she had another week or two before she gave birth, so she figured they would be home in plenty of time for the blessed event.

Well, apparently, all the excitement of the airport made Ellie go into labor, and the puppies just didn't want to wait!

So, while proud dad Nugget watched, paramedics from Tampa Fire Rescue jumped in to help, and over the next 3 hours, while a crowd of airport employees and passengers gathered around taking photos, Ellie gave birth to 8 adorable, perfect, healthy, squeaking little puppies, 7 males and 1 female.

All are doing well, but since the puppies were just born, they can not fly, so Ellie and Nugget's owners are making plans to rent a vehicle and drive back to Philly with everyone in tow. 

Ellie's owner is so thankful to Tamps Fire Rescue for all the help with the birth, that she named all of the puppies after the paramedics who assisted with the birth.

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