Herd Of Goats Hired To Help Prevent California Fires

Are herds of goats taking your jobs?

Nearly 600 goats and sheep were hired by the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources and are expecting to start work today.

They were hired to graze around water detention basins and get rid of weeds and grass that have potential to cause flooding.

"If we let the grass grow, it ends up growing so high that when it rains drains get clogged and we get localized flooding," said Matt Robinson, the department's spokesman.

Instead of using gas-powered lawn tools, the goats are said to be less expensive and better for the environment.

But according to Robinson, the project will cost about $30,000. 

Star Creek Land Stewards is the company that provides the sheep and goats, and according to owner Andree Soares, it costs about $400 to $700 per acre for them to graze.

These costs depend on many factors, including the type of vegetation in the area and access to water.

"They're selected because they're safe on steep terrain where it's difficult to get people," Soares said.

The herds plan to arrive today to begin working (eating), and will start at the drainage sties at Arcade Creek in Sacramento.

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