#MoOnTheMovies: @MrMoKelly's Spoiler-Free Review Of Solo

Have you been?!

Have you seen it yet?!?!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is here and it is absolutely fantastic!!!

If you haven't been to see it yet, and you aren't sure if you want to or not, @MrMoKelly strongly suggests that you should.

"Quick down and dirty review of "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

Donald Glover inhabits the role of Lando. There are easter eggs and connectivity aplenty and one reveal which will renew your faith in Star Wars movies.

THIS is a Star Wars movie, through and through, down to the music cues.

THIS is the Star Wars movie you have been waiting for... for years.

Alden what's his name was passable enough but of course he is no Harrison Ford in terms of charisma.

But he never gets in way of movie.

Well done, well-liked. Will definitely see multiple times."

And...since we couldn't talk about it last week, Deadpool 2 is here and it is amazing!

If you loved the first one, you will certainly love this one!

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