Uber Driver Tells Asian Andy 'Get The F*** Out!'

"Asian Andy" fancies himself a celebrity/comedian. He has streamed his various antics on Twitch and YouTube, where he has more than 350,000 subscribers.  His videos have millions of views. 

He used to drive for Uber, but at some point decided to use his popularity to make even more side money by giving people the option to PAY to be able to say anything they wanted to on his live stream using the 'text to speech' program.

Once, he simply SLEPT on his live stream while people paid for the privilege to hear their comments, and that earned him more than $2,000.  Seriously, we're NOT kidding, here's the video.  

**Warning-- You may find some of the comments offensive.**

So, he expanded the effort, and started playing the live stream loudly in public, literally EVERYWHERE he went.

Now, you can imagine what people who have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives would pay to say on a live stream in public.  Yep, you guessed it, most of the time it's incredibly tasteless and offensive. 

Recently, Andy fired up the live stream and called an Uber, ready to embark on another adventure. This time the Uber driver was Aaron Wyrick, who happens to be Jewish.  Needless to say, the comments that day on Andy's live stream angered Wyrick so much he told Andy to 'Get the F**k' out.

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