Allegations Against USC Gynecologist Date Back to the 90's

By now you have heard and read about the infamous USC gynecologist, Dr. Tyndall for his misconduct, but now more women are coming forward about their stories with some claiming he harassed them as far back as the 90's. Undergraduate Alexis Rodriguez wrote a letter of complaint on a typewriter in 1995. Little did she know it would take over 20 years for anyone to do anything about the allegations. 

Rodriguez, who is now 46 and a federal probation officer in Los Angeles, shared her story with the Los Angeles Times.

Rodriguez recalls writing in the letter that Tyndall had a Playboy magazine on his desk, used a scalpel on a vaginal abscess without anesthetic and, when she objected, marked her chart with the word "difficult." The only thing that came in response to the letter was an apology from a student health clinic administrator who pledged to remove the notation from her chart, no repercussions for Tyndall.  

"They missed an opportunity to save a lot of other women from his mistreatment." 

One medical assistant, Anita Thornton, said she complained to a clinic administrator in the mid-1990s about the creepy photographs he was taking of patients.

More allegations are sure to come forward as more women come together and share their stories about the sick gynecologist. 

An independent investigation is currently being conducted on the Tyndall allegations as well as why the reports from students were not taken seriously or dealt with properly. 

Photo: Getty Images

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