GaS Talk To 30-Year-Old That Refuses To Move Out Of Parents' Home

Well, Michael has lost.

If you hadn't heard, Michael Rotondo was being sued by his own parents, Mark and Christina, because he refused to move out of their home.

Michael is 30 years old, does not pay rent, does not have a job (although he says he owns a business), and has a child that he recently lost custody of.

Michael says he just doesn't understand why his parents want him out of the house and that he feels that they are maliciously attacking him.  He says that he is not a burden on them and stays completely out of their way.  

His parents, though, issued him multiple written notices of ejection, telling him that he needed to leave, and that they would even help finance the move.

Michael argued his case in court, asking for another six months, but the judge refused to grant the extension.

Michael joined Gary and Shannon today to tell his story and talk about the case.

Read the full story at KFI News and Charlotte Observer

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