#MugShotOfTheDay: Florida Man Tells Kids Where Babies Come From

Otis Dawayne Ryan

(Otis Dawayne Ryan)

Oh, Otis...

Otis, Otis, Otis...

You just can't do that, man.

Yes, I know, things are probably much different in Florida, but, no matter where you are, you can't go around screaming at kids about where babies come from.

Sure, you can be the weird 30-year-old that enjoys playing on an empty jungle gym.  But, it has to be an EMPTY jungle gym!  You just can't go climbing around with a bunch children, and you especially can't go climbing around with them and talk about that stuff.

Also, don't be the guy that tries to incite fights with guys by making inappropriate comments to their female partners.  Whether you have a load of face tattoos or not, you really shouldn't be that guy.

Now, Otis, I know it might be a little difficult to afford after paying that $118 ticket for disorderly conduct, but please just do one thing for me...

Go see Dr. Cunning!

Be that guy!  Please!

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