Father of Texas School Shooter: son was 'mistreated by classmates'

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, murdered 10 people last week at Santa Fe High School in Houston, Texas when he opened fire with a pistol and a shotgun on campus. Now the father of the teen, Antonios Pagourtzis, is  attributing the shooting to the fact that students at Santa Fe bullied Dimitrios. 

The father said his family was distraught over the mass shooting that landed Dimitrios in Galveston County Jail where he is currently being held without bond. 

Antonios told the Wall Street Journal that he had legal guns in his house that he used for hunting but would not comment on how Dimitrios acquired the pistol and shotgun he used in the assault. 

"He never got into a fight with anyone. I don’t know what happened,” he said. “I hope God helps me and my family understand. We are all devastated. It would have been better if he shot me than all those kids."

Antonios recently visited his son in jail.

“He could not look at me in the eyes. He is confused, can’t remember what happened. He said he wants to apologize to his sisters. He said he’ll be strong and help us see this through."

Photo: Getty Images

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