USC Campus Gynecologist Accused of Abusing Patients

A longtime gynecologist for the University of Southern California is being called out by five women who say they were personally victimized by the doctor during routine pelvic exams. Dr. George Tyndall, 71, has worked for the school for nearly thirty years and has had complaints filed against him since the early 2000s. 

The women are suing the school with claims that the school knew about the misconduct and did nothing to resolve it. Some of the complaints allege Tyndall performed procedures without any gloves on and commented on the 'tightness of their genitals'.

One of the victims, Viva Symanski, 30, says Tyndall abused her during a January 2014 appointment. 

Symanski told The Los Angeles Times, "We need to make a statement here that we need to change our practices."

Since the lawsuit has been filed, hundreds of patients have come forward about abuse they also received from Tyndall. 

Tyndall has not been previously charged with any crimes and the Los Angeles Police Department do not have any reports on him. USC apparently had a secret deal with Tyndall last year that allowed him to resign with an undisclosed financial payout. The school acknowledged not reporting Tyndall to the police was a mistake. 

The university is currently working with the patients to connect them with the Los Angeles Police Department. 

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