Burbank Police Refute Rape Allegation Made During City Council Meeting

BURBANK (CNS) - Police in Burbank today said a woman's allegation during the public comment portion of a City Council meeting that her daughter had been repeatedly raped last summer had been thoroughly investigated and determined to be unfounded.

A recording of the woman's statement, which she made Tuesday, has been posted on social media and ``shared with a large number of people,'' according to Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse.

``As such, the city has received a number of phone calls from concerned parents and residents asking if the information is correct,'' LaChasse said in a statement.

The chief said his department ``conducted a thorough and timely investigation'' into the allegations.``The investigation and evidence refuted the allegations,'' he said. 

``Throughout the investigation, Burbank police officers and investigators conducted themselves in a professional manner and the statements attributed to them during the public comment period are untrue.''

The woman said that her daughter has attempted suicide.

``In response to Tuesday's public comment period, the Burbank Police Department is reaching out to the woman to offer her any assistance that she or her family may need,'' LaChasse said, adding that all criminal allegations are taken seriously by the department.

``Additionally, when a juvenile sexual assault allegation is reported, the department makes it a priority to work cooperatively with local schools and the Burbank Unified School District.''

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