The Man With The Golden Arm Saves Millions!

Not all superheroes wear capes, some are just regular people with super blood. Australian man James Harrison (also known as The Man with the Golden Arm), is responsible for saving at least 2.4 million babies with his own blood (minus the sweat and the tears).

According to the New York Times,

"The Red Cross estimates that around 17 percent of Australian women who become pregnant need Anti-D injections to keep their babies healthy, and the injections can be made only from donated plasma, which, in Australia, comes from what officials describe as “a tiny pool” of around 160 donors who have the special antibody in their blood."

James is one of those with the special antibody.

As of today, he has donated his own blood 1,173 times! 

Have you ever done anything 1,173 times?

James, at 81, feels bad, not because he has lost too much blood over his decade of service but because he feels 'He's Got A Lot More in Em'!

The Guy's Got Some Spunk!

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