Man on trial for murdering girlfriend ‘made a necklace out of her teeth’

A man is being accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend in a senseless act of violence in this tragic story coming out of England. Dean Lowe, 33, beat Kirby Noden, 32, with a rock and metal pole and then carelessly disposed of her body in a trash bin down the road last year near their Cornwall home. Several months after he murdered Noden, Lowe brazenly told a friend he flushed Noden’s blood and guts down the toilet and decided to wear her teeth as a necklace.

During the trial, prosecution Queen’s Council Paul Dunkels said blood was on the weapons used to commit the murder as well as splattered around the house and ‘soaked into the bed’s mattress.’ Lowe had lived in the blood-drenched house for four months before anybody knew what had happened to Ms. Noden.  According to the court, Lowe and Noden had lived a chaotic lifestyle marked by the use of various illegal drugs.

Police raided the house after Lowe texted his cousin saying: ‘Facts are there was a body looking like Kirby on my floor. It was there for days. Flushed blood and guts down the toilet.’

The family contacted police who went to the house to question the villainous Mr. Lowe. When the police department arrived, Lowe showed an officer all the blood he never bothered to clean up and admitted to killing Noden and disposing the body.

Ms. Noden’s body still has not been found as the trial continues.

Photo: Getty Images

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