Dr. Wendy Walsh Teaches You How To Add More Sex To Your Marriage

Sex is on the decline for everyone.

Except for one group: egalitarian couples.

A recent study found that between the mid-90s and 2014, the sex rate for American adults dropped from 65 times per year to 53 times per year.

This is for two main reasons.  First, less people are in relationships, meaning less sex.  Also, for those people that are in relationships, their sex rate has declined.

However, that is not true for egalitarian couples.  In their case, sexual frequency has actually rose.

Why?  There's 3 reasons.

  1. Fairness = Intimacy - Since egalitarian couples share the household duties, they both find their workload and responsibilities to be fair.  This fairness eliminates resentment and elevates intimacy.
  2. It takes teamwork and cooperation - Sharing the household duties requires couples to work together and cooperate on the task at large.  Are those qualities necessary for sex?  They sure are.  Sex is all about knowing what your partner wants and working together so everyone gets what pleases them.
  3. Sharing empowers - Sharing the duties and workload requires communication, which is especially important for a healthy sex life.  This communication empowers everyone, helping both members of a relationship initiate sex.

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