#TastyTuesday: Braspberries Are Real! & Don't Waste Food

You may have seen this Bai commercial on TV recently.

Justin Timberlake, being the amazing genius that he is, discovered that blueberries fit perfectly inside of raspberries.

Thus, the brasberry was invented.

As you saw in the video, Bai ran with the idea.

Lucky for us, Driscoll's also did.

That's right!

And this isn't some joke picture.

Although they aren't on the market, they are being packaged up for promotional purposes.

Frances Dillard, the company’s director of marketing, global brand lead explained their plan:

“From a social media perspective, we saw the braspberry craze take off, and it was only logical that Driscoll’s as the berry market leader would innovate the opportunity.  Driscoll’s commands 90% market share of raspberries and is the trusted brand for all fresh berries.”

What can't JT do?

Sing? Oh yea.

Dance? Better believe it.

Act? You know it.

Food innovator? Apparently.

The reasons for loving the man just keep on stacking up!

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Tired of wasting food and watching your grocery bill go up, up, up?

Try utilizing these 9 tips to help curb your waste.

  1. Use the pulp - Take the pulp from juiced fruits and add them to muffins for extra fiber and natural sweetness
  2. And the stalks - Use broccoli and cauliflower stalks for noodles or slaw
  3. And the rinds - Melon rinds are great in stir fry once they're cut up or shredded
  4. Blend the scraps - You're already making the smoothie, now just blend the fruit scraps in too
  5. Bake it - Use fruit that is almost spoiled in your baked goods
  6. Ignore the bruises - Bruised apples aren't bad, they're just perfect for applesauce or oatmeal
  7. Put in the peel - You can use peel zest over salads, sandwiches, and cooked grains
  8. Cook the carcass - The meat isn't the only good thing about a rotisserie chicken.  You can use the carcass to flavor a soup
  9. Stock up on stems - The stems and outer parts of leafy greens are great sauteed

Read the full story at NBC News

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