Drunk Mom Kicked Out School Play Attacks Police, Floods Jail Cell

A mother had to be removed from her child's school play at Friendswood Junior High School in Texas after she became loud and disruptive. A police officer asked Christy Ann Churchwell to leave the auditorium and had to help her to the exit because she could barely walk. The officer said her breath reeked of alcohol and he found eight 75-milliliter bottles of vodka, seven of which were empty, in her purse. 

Once Churchwell was outside she attempted to punch the officer, who arrested her on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge. When she was in handcuffs, she kicked the officer in the leg. Police said that when Churchwell was taken to a jail cell she used a lighter to set-off the sprinkler system and flooded the jail. 

According to KPRC, a family member said that Churchwell did not drink at the school and added that she "is dealing with personal issues and is going to get help."

Authorities announced that she is also facing charges of assaulting a peace officer and filing a false report or alarm.

Photo: Friendswood Police Department


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