Robocall For CA Sen. Candidate Promises to "Rid America of Traitorous Jews"

A disturbing robocall promoting a candidate running for California's Senate seat is being sent to California voters in which he promises to "rid America of traitorous Jews like Dianne Feinstein." 

In audio obtained by KFI News, the robocall begins with a deep-voiced male saying that Senator Dianne Feinstein "isn't just a Jew, she's an Israeli citizen."

The robocall goes on blast Feinstein for supporting Israel, calling it her "real country" and voting America into Middle Eastern wars. 

The male voice goes on to say that "to rid America of the traitorous Jews like Dianne Feinstein, vote for Patrick Little for U.S. Senator for California." 

"He's going to get rid of all the nation-wrecking Jews from our country, starting with Israeli Citizen Dianne Feinstein." 

The robocall ends with what sounds like children repeatedly screaming, "Defy Jews!"

The Communications Director for the California GOP, Matt Fleming, condemned Little's ad in the strongest possible terms saying Little's rhetoric was the reason why they kicked the candidate out of the California State GOP Convention last month

"We have condemned him in the most strongest terms possible. We escorted him out of our convention," said Fleming. 

"He 100 percent does not support what we support. His views are not anything supported by the California Republican party. We condemn in the strongest possible terms, antisemitism, anything that could be construed as such, any other form of hate speech that involves any other sort of group. I mean, it is so the opposite of what we believe in." 

Little isn't likely to get far. Recent polls for California's senate seat show Feinstein with a comfortable lead over her challengers. California has a non-partisan blanket primary, meaning all candidates appear on the same ballot, and voters can vote for any candidate they wish. The top two vote getters for California's July primary will go on to face each other in November. 

When asked for comment, Little replied: 

Liberate the USA from the Zionist occupation. Free Palestine, America First, no more wars for Israel. This is my response.

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