It Is Time For #MoOnTheMovies With @MrMoKelly!

It is Friday!  That means it is time for #MoOnTheMovies with @MrMoKelly!

Well, since today's Flashback Friday year is 1994 in honor of Executive Producer Michelle's (who's filling in for Producer Nick right now) first year working for KFI, we'll start out this week's roundup with a movie she is super excited for, Breaking In.

There is one perfect moment in “Breaking In ” that one goes to see a movie like “Breaking In” for and it comes relatively early on. Gabrielle Union’s character, Shaun, has found herself under attack in the driveway where she’d been attempting to order pizza for her two kids. She’s unaware that her son and daughter have already been grabbed by the home invaders. She’s shoeless, surprised and on interminable hold with the pizza place when the attack happens. But, she also has just accidentally broken her wine glass and, so, as resourceful ladies are wont to do, stabs the guy in the chest with the stem.

Thankfully she’d had the chance to gulp down the contents first considering what comes next, which, might actually not be a bad idea for the audience either. Happy Mother’s Day, folks, your house is under attack and your kids are being held hostage. Are your “mama bear” instincts up to the task?

Read the full review at Associated Press

While we are subject of movies that Executive Producer Michelle is excited about... Melissa McCarthy stars in Life Of The Party and it looks absolutely hilarious!

If Melissa McCarthy is in it, it is very likely to be very, very good and this is no exception.

Finally, there is Dark Crimes, featuring (The Artist Formerly Known As) Jim Carrey.

Is it a comedy?


Does that mean (The Artist Formerly Known As) Jim Carrey should be it?

Absolutely not!

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