Woman Sends Date 65K Texts, Breaks Into House, Takes Bath

Jacqueline Ades has been arrested on charges of stalking, threatening and harassment.  

While that's bad enough, the details make the case even more skin-crawling.

Ades first went on a date with a man she'd met on an online dating site about a year ago, but when things went south after night one, the guy decided it wasn't a match.

Unfortunately, Jaqueline disagreed. 

Police received several reports about Ades stalking the poor man, including that she had broken into his house, taken a bath, and had sent him some 65,000 text messages.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if a) the loving feelings were mutual, or b) the texts were loving at all:

“Oh what would I do with your blood! I’d wanna bathe in it” 

If her psychotic behavior was ever in doubt, she also compared herself to Adolf Hitler and reportedly called him a genius.

Ades denies intending to hurt the man, and claims she sent the texts because she didn't want him to leave her and that she loved him. 

Read more at Fox News.

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