Can The Zodiac Killer Case Finally Be Solved?

The Zodiac Killer case is one of the most iconic unsolved cases in history.   The serial killer is responsible for at least 5 murders in the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1960s, but in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle in 1974, the alleged killer claimed to have killed 37. 

Tom Voight has lived and breathed the Zodiac killer case for the last 20 years, investigating the case as a private citizen, cataloging and documenting his work at his website

Tom is so respected, he has received exclusive access to police evidence vaults and confidential sources in the law enforcement community. With news of exactly how police were able to track down and arrest Joseph James DeAngelo in the Golden State killer case, Tim believes that it could finally pave the way to finally solve the Zodiac case once and for all.

Tom joined Gary & Shannon to talk about the case and his 2017 visit to the Vallejo Police Department, to look through boxes of evidence and police reports that have never been made public collected by the department over 40 years.   What he found was fascinating.  Check out some of what he saw below.

You can help him keep his investigation going, find out how HERE.

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