#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: H. Jon Benjamin Of Archer & Bob's Burgers

H Jon Benjamin

(H Jon Benjamin)

You may not immediately recognize his face, but you've almost certainly heard his voice.  

H. Jon Benjamin, the voice behind some of today's most popular and iconic animated characters, including the titular characters in hit TV series Archer and Bob's Burgers, has found a level of success that many would envy.

But Jon isn't interested in telling the world about his successes.  Instead, he would like to remind us all that failure is also an option.  Jon invites us to embrace our own missteps and the freedom that comes along with letting go of the constant grind towards success.

With stories, examples of artistic and literary failings, and a powerful "can't-do" attitude, Failure Is An Option: An Attempted Memoir is the book the world doesn't need right now but will get regardless.

You can buy his book on Amazon.

Gary and Shannon talked to Jon about his life, his book, his work as an actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian, and more!

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