L.A. Spent $1.3 Million on a Homeless Shelter... err... Paving Machine

Sometimes, it really feels like taxpayers in Los Angeles would be better off setting their money on fire instead of giving it to the city to spend on, you know, basic services. 

How bad was your commute this morning? Lots of potholes on your route? Wouldn't it be nice if there were some type of machine that could crew up and crush old asphalt layers? Then that machine could take that, and mix it with some new material to create a brand new road surface?

Wait? Such a machine exists? And Los Angeles bought one? Wow! Looks like CBS 2 even has some footage of it, and.... it turns out, it's a homeless shelter for one and not being used to pave roads. 

Another excellent investigation from CBS's David Goldstein investigated the city's purchase of the machine and discovered that ever since it went into service last year, it's seen all of 51 hours of use. 

Sky2's Stu Mundel flew over the Van Nuys lot where the city is storing the paver and watched as a homeless man crawled through a hole in a fence to join the rest of his belongings that were being stored under the machine. 

Check out Goldstein's report here. 

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