#TastyTuesday: May Is BBQ Month & Anaheim White House Opens Again!

It is finally here!

We have made it!!

May is BBQ Month!!!

Everybody loves to barbecue, and the season has finally arrived! (Let's be honest, it's pretty much the season to barbecue year round in Los Angeles...but for the rest of the nation, the season has finally arrived!)

Now, I know what you're thinking (a.k.a. I'm about to tell you what you're thinking...), should I barbecue or grill this meat in front of me?

To get straight to the point, it depends on the type of meat.

If the meat has a lot of fat in the muscle, it does well cooking low and slow.  So, barbecue it.

Think brisket, beef shoulder clod, and plate ribs

Don't get it confused.  Barbecuing and grilling are two different things.  What you do in the backyard to your burgers and hot dogs?  Yea, that's grilling.

Grilling is what you should do with all of those meats that have less connective tissue and don't require as much time to break down the fibers.

Think traditional steaks, chops, and burgers.

If that doesn't really explain it, read the full story at Houston Chronicle

Still in the festival mood?  Sad that you missed Coachella and Stagecoach?

Well, luckily for you, there's barbecue festivals all across the country!

  • 40th annual International Bar-B-Q Festival - Owensboro, KY - May 11-12
  • World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest - Memphis, TN - May 16-19
  • 14th annual Bloomin BBQ and Bluegrass Festival - Sevierville, TN - May 18-19
  • 13th annual Masonic Carolina Pig Jig - Raleigh, NC - May 19
  • Hot Luck Festival - Austin, TX - May 24–27

And those are just the ones going down this month!

Check out the full list at USA Today

ANAHEIM (CNS) - The Anaheim White House restaurant will reopen today, rebuilt after burning down in February 2017.

 The restaurant's owner, Sir Bruno Serato, is well known for feeding needy children in Orange County. While his restaurant was being rebuilt, Serato cooked for the kids at the Diocese of Orange's Christ Cathedral kitchen in Garden Grove.

 The restaurant has been rebuilt to resemble as closely as possible the original 1909 Colonial-Style mansion and property that was converted to a restaurant three decades ago.

 The main floor will feature an Italian steakhouse, but the upstairs will feature the ``B Bar'' lounge with all sorts of food from around the world. The main dining area has 11 rooms with eight of them available for private gatherings.

Read the full story at KFI Local News

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