Bill Wants to Stop Landlords From Rejecting Veterans

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

A state senator says vets with rental vouchers are getting turned away by landlords. 

Jerry Hill is pushing a bill to add veterans and military members to the list of housing discrimination categories such as race, gender, and religion. He says there aren’t that many vouchers, to begin with.

"...There are only 2000 of those vouchers in the entire state of California."

He says 2000 can't get a spot in one of the 6 million rentals available in the state. 

"It's sad for those veterans that in many cases are having a hard time making ends meet. Have no place to go and as we know, many wind up homeless."

He says veterans have been getting denied because landlords would rather not deal with the hassle of section 8 paperwork.

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