Animals Stealing Go Pro Cameras

GoPro cameras are great, aren't they?  

They catch great moments, especially moments in nature.

Over the years, there has been a rash of people who have left their GoPros unattended in nature to catch a glimpse of animals in their natural habitat.

What people tend to forget, is that animals are curious by nature, and when they come across something that's out of the ordinary for them, they like to pick it up, take it home and try to figure out if it's something that might make good eatin'.  

So, enjoy these funny videos of animals stealing GoPros.... and for this first one, be sure to turn UP the audio, the sound of the GoPro owner's narration alone is hilarious... 'We've got a runner!'

Three years ago, another squirrel stole when the brilliant owner decided to leave one on the ground along with a tasty treat. 

Here's an Eagle stealing one...

A Seagull in Spain decided to take one on a flight.... 

Here's a Hyena stealing one

And a host of other animals found themselves with a new GoPro, thanks to the humans who left them unattended.

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