STUDY: Humans Could Shoot Lasers From Eyes Soon

Imagine having superhero powers like being able to shoot lasers from your eyes. 

Have you finished basking in that tantalizing fantasy yet?  

Go ahead, take your time.

Now with that out of your system, chew on this:

A study out this month from researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland claim "ocular lasers" are possible. 

Now, it may not be as sexy as it sounds, you won't be able to cut through steel or other objects like Superman, but the lasers will boast more practical uses. 

Malte Gather, one of the professors behind the study, hopes that the results will help usher in a new era of wearable technology:

"Our work represents a new milestone in laser development and, in particular, points the way to how lasers can be used in inherently soft and ductile environments, be it in wearable sensors or as an authentication feature on bank notes."

In case you were wondering, the lasers would not actually be emitted from the eyeballs per se, but from technologically-fitted contact lenses.

Testing was performed on cows, and proved to be non-hazardous.

Read the whole study over at

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