California Might Reinstate The Death Penalty

The last time California used the death penalty to execute an inmate, Twitter, Facebook and iPhones didn't exist. Since then, the population of California's death row has ballooned to nearly 750 inmates. 

When voters approved Prop 66 in 2016, the chances of the state executing inmates went up, but not by much. The proposition, which attempted to remove regulatory concerns over executions, was mostly upheld by the California Supreme Court last year, meaning the Golden State could start carrying out death sentences again soon. 

Since 1978, California has executed 13 men, holding them at San Quentin State prison while the 23 women on California's death row are held at the Central California's Women's Facility in Chowchilla. According to the Sacramento Bee, about 90 percent of current inmates on death row were sentenced between 1985 and 2016. 

The last man to be executed in California was Clarence Ray Allen, a 76-year-old man who murdered three people. At the time, Allen was the second-oldest inmate to be executed in the United States since 1976. 

Photo: Getty Images

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