Yes, I Am A Crazy Animal Person

Besides the conversations my husband and I have on a regular basis that seem to entertain people, which you can find on Facebook at 'Conversations With Hubby' (and yes, I'm in the process of writing a book,) I take great pleasure in animal videos.

My husband, who also loves animals, thinks I'm nuts because they're usually videos that bring you to tears in the beginning, but end up making you smile and feel good by the end.  His point is 'why upset yourself?  What if it doesn't end well?'  I usually just brush it off and he has to deal with my squeals of 'Awww, poor thing,' and 'Oh!  How sweet!'

The power that animals have to give us unconditional love and support without being able to speak, is simply amazing, and no one will ever be able to convince me that they're just doing it because you feed them.  Those people I am convinced have never been witness to rescuing an animal from a horrific situation or a shelter.  (To vegetarians and vegans who are thinking right now how hypocritical I am because I eat meat, well, we can't all be perfect. I'm a work in progress and slowly trying to eat less meat, but I do admit I like a good steak, so when I eat one try to ensure that what I'm eating was treated as humanely as possible.)

So, you can always count on me to bring you the videos that you might have missed while you're out there working so hard.  I truly believe these videos bring you that good energy that reminds you that there ARE good people in the world!.

Meet Karamel the Squirrel.

Say hello to Starfish!

This is Mercury.

Lucky got VERY Lucky!

Beau the dog helped his whole family to heal.

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