Livestreaming Your Car Crash Isn't the Way To Get Likes

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who make some pretty good money livestreaming their life to an audience worldwide. Many of the YouTubers do anything and everything they can to attract eyeballs to their channel (i.e. dummies like Logan Paul). 

Then again, there are those like LameDuckG who just stream everything for no reason other than they're just 'bored' and they end up catching the craziest parts of their life. 

One such YouTuber, David Slavitt, 32, was Vlogging on his channel while driving through Llano, California, streaming to his viewers when he got into the accident.

"I'm streaming just to, like, make the drive less boring," he told his subscribers. 

His "boring drive' got a lot more exciting when he approached a three-way intersection on Avenue T in Llano. While apparently failing to yield to a stop sign,  Slavitt crossed directly into a big rig's path. During the livestream, you can hear Slavitt describing his drive and where he might stop to get a bite to eat when the YouTuber emits a high-pitched scream, and crashing metal can be heard. 

Slavitt had to be airlifted out of the area to the hospital with blunt force trauma. Officials say the Slavitt's injuries range from moderate to major and that his distracted driving may have contributed to the crash. 

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