Rally Against Vagrant Crime by Paul D. White

This Thursday John and Ken are heading for Ventura to bring attention to the horrifically tragic story about Anthony Mele Jr., the husband and father who was eating dinner at the Aloha Steakhouse when a homeless man walked up and randomly plunged a knife into his neck. 

It's happening with John and Ken next Thursday, May 3rd at:

The Channel Islands Juice Company

291 E. Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA.  

But, today, John and Ken want to bring attention to this great article from Paul D. White about the Ventura Homeless problem. 

White writes that politicians in Ventura and California have ignored the homeless issue for far too long: 

One perspective sees the increasing number of vagrants as simply victims: defective individuals – “children of a lesser god”.  From this perspective, vagrants are incapable of resolving their own issues and unable to live normal, independent lives that contribute to their communities’ quality of life.  Proceeding from this perspective, city governments reason that it’s morally wrong to hold homeless vagrants accountable for their behavior, or hold them to the same legal and behavioral standards as “normal” residents. 

White points out that the solution seems to always be about politicians pushing money at the problem:

Local governments thus justify trying to supply vagrants’ every need for food, clothing, and shelter, and allowing them to break laws at will, with less severe consequences than the rest of the population.  This has been the approach of most cities in California, including Ventura.

Take a few minutes to read this incredible article written by Paul D. White about the Ventura homeless problem.  Click here to read an unflinching account of the homeless issue in California and Ventura. 

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