Homeless Man Arrested After Walking into Gov. Jerry Brown's Residence

A 51-year-old homeless man is in jail today after he allegedly walked into Gov. Jerry Brown's mantion on H Street in Sacramento. 

According to the CHP, Steven Seeley was arrested for trespassing "on the executive residence property, breaking a side window on the first floor of the residence." 

Seeley told the Sacramento Bee that he entered the history governor's mansion without any interference from Brown's security detail (that was apparently on site through the entire incident). The homeless man told reporters that he had spotted some wild animals, possibly lions or cougars, on the streets of midtown Sacramento. He says he walked through the door of the mansion to warn Brown's security detail because he knew they had "big guns." 

Seeley says he entered Brown's residence to help prevent the governor from being attacked. 

"I was looking for the security staff, but I didn't see anybody," Seeley said Thursday. "I thought the governor was in trouble, I thought he was in danger of being attacked by the wild animals, so I walked in. I yelled 'Jerry.'"

Seeley says that after he walked inside and didn't see anyone, he heard muffled roaring and hid inside a small room or closet. He then left through a window in the room that led to a fenced-in yard, breaking the window and cutting himself in the process.

He walked back out into the street, looking for help, asking multiple passers-by for help calling 911. Eventually, a couple pulled over and took him to the hospital where he underwent surgery and later arrested. 

Fran Clader, a CHP spokeswoman said Seeley was behaving erratically and that while Brown was not present during the break-in, First Lady Anne Gust Brown was. 

"The first lady was on an upper floor of the residence when the incident occurred and had no contact with the subject," Clader said in a statement. "No force was used or required by officers during this incident, and the subject was unarmed."

Photo: Getty Images

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