Goodbye R. Lee Ermey

On April 15, the iconic R. Lee Ermey passed away at a Santa Monica hospital from complications from pneumonia. He was 74 years old.  He will be buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Born Ronald Lee Ermey in 1944, he was a best known for playing Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the film Full Metal Jacket, but he appeared in many other films, voiced iconic characters and hosted shows on the History Channel and the Outdoor Channel.

He was a Marine Corps staff sergeant and drill instructor and an honorary gunnery sergeant.  

But what many don't know is that he was also the co-founder of a brewery in Lancaster called Bravery Brewing.

Check out their website HERE.  Follow them on Twitter & Instagram @BraveryBrewing

This weekend, the brewery honored his life and legacy.  Bryan Suits and Gary & Shannon were there.

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