Brutal MMA Injury Stops Fight & Stuns Fans

I really hope no one was too attached to Jack Mason's face, because it definitely isn't going to look the same after this.

The English MMA fighter was going at it with Hakon Foss in the first round of Cage Warriors 93 in Gothenburg, Sweden on Friday night when he took a knee (that I've named Moses) to his head that parted his eyebrow like the Red Sea.

Although he tried to recover, the official quickly stopped the fight when he saw that Mason (and his face) were in no state to continue.

Now, if you can stomach to watch it again, this shot shows the exact hit that busted him wide open. 

And, if you could stomach that, maybe you'd like to see the injury when doctors were checking him out after the fight.

Mason seemed to be in pretty good spirits about the injury.

“Need to learn some knee defence.”

Fans, though, said it was one of the worst injuries they had ever seen.

“That is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s absolutely horrific.”

“This has to be the worst cut in the history of the sport. You can see pretty much everything.”

“Holy s–t! This has to be one of the deepest cuts in MMA.”

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