Unnamed L.A. Elected Official Sued over Alleged Sexual Abuse

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - An unnamed Los Angeles elected official was sued today by a woman who claims the man drugged and then fondled her during a golf outing in 2007, when she was just 16 years old.

The lawsuit was filed by local civil-rights attorney Lisa Bloom on behalf of a client identified only as Jane Doe. In a statement, Bloom confirmed the filing of a ``child sexual abuse lawsuit against a current elected official who resides in Los Angeles.''

``Under California law, we are not permitted to name the defendant until the court grants us permission to do so, under the extended statute of limitations for child sexual abuse,'' Bloom said.

TMZ, which obtained a copy of the lawsuit, reported that target of the suit was an elected Los Angeles city official.

According to TMZ, the woman claims she met the official in 2005 when she was a 14-year-old star teenage athlete. The suit contends that the official became close with her and her whole family, TMZ reported.

According to the website, the official invited the girl to play golf at Hillcrest Country Club in January 2007, when the plaintiff was 16, and during the game he handed her a cup of ice water that ``tasted distinctly different from both tap and filtered water.''

The lawsuit contends that the girl collapsed, but remained conscious, prompting the official to drive her to a hospital, TMZ reported. Along the way, however, the man reached under her shirt and shorts, fondling her breast and genitals, the lawsuit alleges, according to the website.

According to the lawsuit, the girl never confronted the man or reported him to police out of fear of retaliation against her and her family, but she was inspired to file the lawsuit in response to the #MeToo movement, TMZ reported.

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