Bill Cosby's Publicist Invokes Emmett Till For Some Reason

Yesterday, Bill Cosby was convicted on three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault, but that hasn't stopped the convicted comedian's spin machine from doing everything they can to undermine his accusers. 

During an interview on Good Morning America with George Stephanopolous, Cosby's publicists compared Cosby's conviction to Emmett Till, a black teenager who was mutilated and murdered in Mississippi in 1955. Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt called Cosby's trial a "public lynching." 

Stephanopolous pushed back against the assertion, asking Cosby's publicists if they believed all 60 women who had come forward were lying. 

“May I ask a question?” Cosby spokeswoman Ebonee Benson said. “Since when are all people honest? Since when are all women honest? We can take a look at Emmett Till, for example. Not all people are honest.”

Wyatt then went after Gloria Allred, who represents several Cosby accusers. 

“What Gloria Allred was able to do, what she did, was take a salt-and-pepper shaker — she shaked out a lot of salt and sprinkled in a little black pepper,” Wyatt said. “And the south came east. And that’s what we saw.”

Multiple black women are among those who have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct over the years. 

Cosby faces up to ten years in prison and a $25,000 fine on each count. 

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