People Lining Up to Buy $20 Popcorn Buckets At Disneyland

The most popular attraction at Disneyland right now isn't Mickey Mouse, the rides, or even Cinderella's castle - it's a bucket of popcorn.

People are rushing to Disneyland to get their hands on a limited edition popcorn bucket in the shape of the little green alien from the "Toy Story" franchise of movies. The snack will cost you $20 and is only available to annual pass-holders, but those lucky enough to get their hands on one can refill it as often as they'd like for only a dollar. A regular box of popcorn at Disneyland usually sets you back $4.50 (without the fancy container). 

Visitors to the park say lines for the popcorn buckets can get as long as many of the most popular rides there, but the wait may be worth it. Some of those popcorn buckets have already popped on eBay selling for as much as $80 a piece. 

Disneyland officials remain mum on how long the popular popcorn bucks will be on sale, only saying that they will be available "while supplies last." 

Photo: Getty Images

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