#TastyTuesday: No Romaine Lettuce On My Impossible Burger, Please

*Disclaimer: This is not a picture of an Impossible Burger.  It just had a good lettuce to burger ratio*

So, there's another E. coli outbreak.

This time it is hitting romaine lettuce.

Although this outbreak has only been definitively linked to bags of chopped romaine lettuce in four states, the warning has been expanded to all romaine lettuce.


That's right, it will wash off dirt and pesticide residue, but it will not remove E. coli from it.  So, for now, avoid romaine lettuce or only eat cooked greens.

To avoid other food-born illnesses in the kitchen, follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before and after handling all food
  2. Wash your produce under running water
  3. Keep your produce away from other foods in your refrigerator
  4. Clean all utensils and surfaces used while cooking

Read the full story at NOLA

The Impossible Burger.

It isn't a giant burger at some gut-busting fast food burger joint.

It's a veggie burger.  A veggie burger that bleeds.

Made from things like wheat, coconut, and potatoes, the Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods is a very popular attempt to make an alternative burger that is (allegedly) just as good as any real burger.

(@ForkReporter does say it's pretty awesome, so I guess it can't be all that bad...)

Now, you have to make the decision for yourself, but the Impossible Burger is taking off and is already available at some restaurants across the country.

Some people are pushing for it to makes its way onto the McDonald's menu.

Check out the petition to add it to the McDonald's menu at Plant Based News

Read the full story at BBC

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