"BROTOPIA" Takes On The Toxic Environment Of Silicon Valley


In 2017, not a month went by without major revelations about discrimination or harassment in Hollywood, politics, the media, and beyond.  As the #MeToo movement spread, millions of women bravely came forward to share their stories of abuse and sexual harassment on social media.  As we begin 2018, one thing is clear: the desire for change is palpable.

In BROTOPIA: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley, Bloomberg TV journalist Emily Chang takes on the industry which has perhaps had the most profound impact on the future of humanity and created the greatest wealth of our generation: technology.  Its inventions have become integral to our modern lives and instigated extraordinary change - but behind the scenes, it's far from utopia.  Despite tech companies' idealistic missions, Silicon Valley has become increasingly toxic for women. From programmers using a Playboy centerfold to test their code to venture capitalists who take meetings in hot tubs, women are left on the outside looking in.

In BROTOPIA, Chang seeks to understand - and end - the staggering gender inequality in the tech industry, by addressing how we got here and how can we foster real change.

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