L.A. City Council Committee Wants to Fast-Track Elon Musk Tunnel

It looks like Elon Musk's Boring Company may get to dig after all. 

A committee of the Los Angeles City Council approved an environmental review exemption for a tunnel Elon Musk wants to dig in order to test a new underground transportation system that he says would help alleviate L.A.'s notoriously bad traffic. 

The council's public works committee said Wednesday that they wanted to fast-track any proposal that might help Angelinos spend less time in traffic. 

Musk's new business, the Boring Company, was created to bore transportation tunnels that would take motorists vehicles underground via elevators into tunnels. The vehicles would be placed onto electric sleds that would take passengers to their destinations. 

While the City Council committee may have granted the review exemption, the full City Council will have to give the thumbs up  before any digging by Musk can begin. 

Critics say the city shouldn't rush into any project without proper environmental risks assessments. 

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