Dumb and Dumber Duo Surprise Reunion on Conan

Veteran and respected actor Jeff Daniels recently stopped by the Conan O'Brien show to talk about his latest project, "The Looming Tower."

The miniseries premiered on Hulu, and details the meteoric rise of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda's in the 1990's.

Heavy stuff, to be sure.  

In the series, Daniels plays NY FBI counter-terrorism chief John O'Neil and has been gaining accolades due to his dramatic portrayal of the embattled FBI agent, racking up a 96% freshness rating on RottenTomatoes, and then some!

The role is pretty much at the opposite side of the spectrum from Jeff Daniels' portrayal of Harry in the legendary comedy, "Dumb and Dumber."  

And of course, due to the film's iconic status, it was pretty much expected that the topic of Conan's questions would go Dumb.

Daniels, not one to shy away from talking about the iconic role, was happy to answer some questions about the 1994 slapstick film, especially his feelings of shock and awe when the film's popularity skyrocketed across so many demographics.

"We knew 14 year-old boys would love it.  But I wasn't prepared for the guys in their, you know, seventies, with the tuxedo and the martini and the portfolio coming up and going, you know:  'Dumb and Dumber might be the best movie I know of."

But then things took a turn for the dumber, as a stoic-looking Jim Carrey emerged from behind a backstage curtain to the roar of the audience's applause.

Check out the clip of the surprise visit below!

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