Mama Gorilla Is So Proud Of Her New Baby

In a video that has gone viral, a mother gorilla is seen lovingly cuddling her new baby at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

The male gorilla is the first birth of a western lowland gorilla at the zoo in nine years.

The baby is named Moke, meaning 'little one.'

That video made me search out other animal videos, of course, since I'm not producing the morning show now, I have a lot more time to find them for you! 

Check out this one... a male German Shepherd comforts a female who is obviously so exhausted from giving birth to TWELVE puppies!  

In this one, a gaggle of Golden puppies swarm their parents! 

These Siberian Husky puppies are all about playing with dad! 

And check out this little Dalmation who is obviously thinking, 'The milk isn't coming fast enough!'

I can not forget cats and kittens, so here's a few videos of them to make you smile! 

Check out this mama otter and her baby! 

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