Los Angeles Paying $3M to Woman in Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit

LA Sidewalks cost the city another $3 million dollars

Los Angeles sidewalks have cost taxpayers in the city another $3 million dollars. 

The City Council approved a payout Wednesday to settle a lawsuit that was filed by a woman who says she hit her head on a damaged Hollywood sidewalk. Court records indicate that the woman fell four years ago on New Year's Eve while being carried by a man on his back. 

The lawsuit states that the man tripped on what was described as a "pattern of defects" in the walkway. 

This isn't the first time the L.A. City Council has had to pay out over the terrible condition of its sidewalks. The city had to cough up more than $19 million in total to settle lawsuits filed by bicyclists and pedestrians who were hurt or killed on city streets. 

Photo: Getty Images

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