El Rancho Teacher Had Nude Images On Work Computer, Used Racial Slurs

After video of a Pico Rivera councilman and teacher going on an anti-military rant went viral, the El Rancho Unified School District launched a workplace investigation into Gregory Salcido's conduct as a history and government teacher. That report eventually led to his dismissal last month and was released on Tuesday. The workplace investigation revealed several more disturbing allegations against the teacher according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune

According to the report, Salcido deleted several illicit photos from his work computer, and used racial slurs when speaking to students. At once point, Salcido told his class that he would kill them all if he need to protect his family. 

In a statement, Salcido declined to comment on any of the allegations in the report: “My pending appeal to the state serves as a clear indication of my disagreement with the motivation, method and contents of the district’s investigation.”

The report says Salcido's work computer had several nude images of women that had been deleted. Another image of a young boy pulling on a sumo wrestler's "thong like garment," was also deleted. Salcido also allegedly told student that it shouldn't be illegal to download "kiddy porn," and that they had the right to kill themselves. 

It goes on to say that Salcido would regularly use corporal punishment in his classroom, making students do push-ups or squats and regularly insulted them, including cursing at them. 

Documents relating to his position on the City Council were also found, indicating that Salcido conducted city business while working for the school district. 

People were first alerted to Salcido's bizarre classroom behavior after a student surripticiously recorded him going on an anti-military rant. In the video, Salcido can be heard telling a student wearing a Marines sweatshirt that military members were the "lowest of our low." 

Salcido was placed on paid leave following the viral video and was later fired on March 21st. Salcido has appealed the district's decision. 

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