Weatherman Gives Co-Workers His Cold Front

(Video courtesy of YouTube)

A meteorologist in Michigan experienced his own low pressure system when his colleagues scoffed at his cold weather forecast.

Gary Frank of Grand Rapids Fox affiliate WXMI laid in to his co-workers on-air last week saying they are total drags.

“Every time I get done with the seven day [forecast], you guys are like ‘ugh,’ ‘gosh,’ ‘ugh.’ Every time! It doesn’t matter what time I come on! Four-thirty, five-thirty, six-thirty and then you expect me to be chipper for five straight hours! It’s miserable!”

Frank reprimands them for not appreciating the milder weather coming in the 7-day and asks them "[w]hat do you want me to do? Lie to you? I'll put 70 everyday next time."

Frank carries on with his forecast like there's just not point to it. He eventually just gives up and walks off camera. 

His colleagues who had been chuckling in disbelief at what they were seeing...go silent. 


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