Tumbleweeds Take Over Victorville Neighborhood

Some Southern California residents had to call officials for help after tumbleweeds piled up on Monday following a huge windstorm in the area. 

Victorville spokeswoman Sue Jones told the Victorville Daily Press that as many as 150 homes were affected in a neighborhood that faces an open desert. Some homes has tumbleweeds piled as high as the second story. 

The city, along with the San Bernardino County Fire Department, send crews to help rake up the weeds and load them into trash trucks. 

One resident, Nancy Lisa, writes in her post that after living at her home for ten years, the tumbleweeds didn't start piling up until 2017 when some property owners across the street stopped maintaining their property.

We have lived here for 10 years and not until 2017 did this start happening, when we have high winds. The owners of the property across the street stopped keeping the weeds under control. Even though the city does come out to help with the clean up, my question is when will they make the people across the street do what they need to do, to control this problem for the local neighbors. Here’s an idea City of Victorville you clean up the mess across the street and then charge the property owners for it as well as a huge penalty...this is not fair to the residents who deal with this on the regular.

The Southland experienced some powerful wind gusts over the last few days thanks to a departing storm. The National Weather Service says the gusts hit up to 56 miles per hour at Mill Creek in the San Gabriel Mountains, 54 mph at Lake Palmdale in the Antelope Valley, 47 mph in Grenada Hills in the San Fernando Valley, 39 mph at Newhall Pass in the Santa Clarita Valley, and 36 mph in the Malibu Hills in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational area. 

A wind advisory associated with the storm expired earlier this morning. 

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