State Attorney General Hints at Lawsuit Against Los Alamitos

Xavier Becerra says we all have an obligation to follow the law.

The state’s attorney general has hinted at a lawsuit against cities that opt out of the sanctuary state law.

Los Alamitos was the first city to vote to exempt itself from the law. Xavier Becerra says everyone has a right to express themselves, but "we all have an obligation to follow the law. No one in America is above the law." 

The ACLU says it is suing the city for failure to uphold state law. 

"In California, where I am the chief law enforcement officer, my obligation is to uphold the laws of the state of California." 

Xavier Becerra wouldn’t say specifically if he plans to take action against Los Alamitos in Orange County. He wants the issue to be worked out in the federal lawsuit against California. 

"In my particular case as with any police officer or other law enforcement official, our obligation is to make sure people uphold the law and we have to protect those laws."

Orange and San Diego counties have also sat in with the Trump administration in a lawsuit against California. 

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