Little Fan Perseveres at Hockey Game

(Courtesy of Twitter)

A little girl scored big when she banged on the glass hard enough to catch the attention of Washington Capitals hockey player Brett Connolly. Being the most awesome athlete on the ice, he made it his mission to make sure this hardcore fan went home with a puck of her own.

You see, he had to work really hard to get that puck in her hands. Twice he tossed a puck over the glass and twice a dad much taller than her and one row up grabbed the puck instead and immediately handed in down to a boy standing next to her. 

The look on her face is absolutely devastated but strong. She doesn't give up. Oh, no.

And neither does Connolly. For the second puck attempt, he bangs on the glass to let her know it's meant for her...again swiped by big Daddy. 

Again, he tries three times to get the third puck over the glass and FINALLY that dang dad hands the puck to her. WHY? Because he's out of sons, probably.

Well, no one was happier than her to finally get her hands on that puck. And she doesn't even hold a grudge against that dad behind her. Good, girl.

Oh, and the precious little girl isn't just a fan. She a player in a peewee league. Go, girl!

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